“We’re going to be releasing an album in October,” shared the Camp Rock alum. So it’s interesting to have that captain’s hat on and tell people what to do.” He also said there’s “no competition” between him and the “Chains” singer: “We have our own lanes.

Even the audience doesn’t try to put us in this little bracket like we’re competing.”The “Cake by the Ocean” singer and Nick, 23, still occasionally jam together, and are open to collaborating on something worthwhile in the future.

The youngest of the Jonas brothers just got himself in trouble with the law!

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What an amazing baby shower, @zoehendrix you looked divine. Thanks to @mintandsugarparties for supply this exquisite cake.

A photo posted by Married At First Sight (@alex_garner_) on It's been an especially nervous time for the couple after Zoe miscarried during their first pregnancy last year.

The only couple still together after being matched on the first series of reality show Zoe, who is eight months pregnant and absolutely glowing, posted a photo of the celebration on Instagram. "We had such a fantastic day yesterday at our baby shower with our amazing family and friends."Alex also shared a snap from the day with his Instagram followers.

"What an amazing baby shower, @zoehendrix you looked divine," he captioned a picture of himself with Zoe.

(Quote Reilly)"Not even like you won a Miss Teen Pageant," Miley had won a Miss Teen Pageant award.(Endquote)Just want to note that this is flawed logic. and she obviously has no talent."Daddy pays your bills and you still whine," Miley had her dad pay 2 million so she could be on T.

The song states "NOT even like you won a Miss Teen Pageant", but you say that Miley DID. But to be honest, it kinda fits for a number of their ex-s now. V."Video Girl rocked my world for a whole two seconds" Video Girl representing Miley and the two seconds representing a short period of time."Not even like you won a Miss Teen Pageant," Miley had won a Miss Teen Pageant award."It's gonna suck when the camera stops rolling," Miley wants to stop Hannah Montana.

Also, Kevin makes a rare appearance in the song, he sings the 'pre-echo' of "Video Girl syndrome" in the chorus. And I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest if your smart enough so bye for now.

Yes, it's still backup, but it's solo backup ;-)This song was about Miley and Nick.

The singer’s other famous exes include Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene and Camilla Belle.

His older brother, Kevin Jonas, is expecting a second daughter with wife Danielle, but Joe definitely isn’t ready to settle down.

But while the genetically-blessed duo would certainly make for a great couple, having been friends for some years before reportedly taking their relationship to the next level, apparently not everyone is happy at the pairing.