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This week, sexual expression has taken a serious hit after Google abruptly decided to banish adult content from one of the globe’s most popular hosting platforms, Blogger.

From next month, all blogs containing “sexually explicit” imagery on the Google-owned site will effectively disappear from view when engineers limit entry to an invitation-only system.

Let’s think about it: what exactly does “explicit” mean? There are millions of mini-sites on Blogger, covering pretty much every topic under the sun.

And whilst there’s probably some outrageous pornographic material on the site that very well may merit some degree of viewer restriction, there are also thousands of fascinating, informative and entertaining blogs that are about to vanish from the public domain just because users have chosen to illustrate a single post with some form of sexual content.

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Then David Evans is the guy to ask and the blog to follow.

Yet to many it appears that this is nothing but a blanket ban that is passing unfair judgment on sexual honesty.