Doom himself cites a awakening to existence it self since he was in his mother's womb.

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The Powered American carries on that fight against the country’s enemies not only with spirit and bravery but also with some set of enhanced abilities (the PA’s actual country of origin is immaterial – the most famous Powered American of all time is of course Superman, who isn’t even from Earth): in this Marvel Firsts collection, PA’s get their powers from chemical baths, electricity experiments, radio waves, and even a blood-transfusion from a mongoose.

Earlier this month, I happened to tune into CBC Newsworld precisely as a replica of the Palmyra Monumental Arch, an architectural marvel dating from 3rd century Syria, was being unveiled in London’s Trafalgar Square.

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National pride was the defining characteristic of the genre – and its lifeblood, since pulp comics were shipped in bulk to GI’s overseas once America entered the war.

This new Marvel collection – ample and intelligent in its editorial selections, downright evil in its egregious overpricing (a trade paperback that costs forty dollars should come with its own uru mallet, at the very least) – full of flag-decked characters tripping over themselves to sock it to Adolf Hitler – is gloriously typical.

Doctor Doom is an amazing character who fans have adored since his creation in the 1960's. It's this second topic I want to talk about, but we need a little bit of a build up, a reminder of the good Doctor's history.

Many of his stories often center around two aspects of his character. What we know of Doom's early childhood, Victor Von Doom was born in a gypsies camp in Latveria, Born to Cynthia and Werner Von Doom, he had a first love in the arms of a young Latverian woman, Valeria.

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Two weeks ago we took a look at 2011’s Marvel Comics’ 50th Anniversary homage variants and I couldn’t help but mention 2009’s “70th Anniversary” set.