After going public with their love in 2011, the couple called it quits roughly two years later.On NBC’s CHICAGO FIRE, currently running Wednesdays at 10 PM and just picked up for a second season, Jesse Spencer plays Windy City firefighter Matthew Casey. He does a terrific American accent when portraying American characters, but when talking about his work at a press event thrown by NBC at Pasadena’s Langham hotel, Spencer’s deep Australian tones ring clear and true. There is that exchange program that they [the Australian and U. fire departments] do, but that’s specifically with bush fires in California and Australia. There’s so much going on, and him being paired with [police detective] Voight [played by Jason Beghe] in this unlikely team – there are a lot of gray areas in it, and there’s a lot of action, and they’re going to finish out the season more or less with cliffhangers and giving each person an arc and a storyline which is going to resolve something or leave it hanging for the next season. It’s great – I’m really enjoying the physicality of it.For the show’s entire run, he portrayed the role of Chase becoming the second longest serving character in the drama.

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"Cruz has been helping him create his resume and build up his lung endurance and they're a team on this thing together," Sardarov explained.

He also dished on Otis' dating life (while you might not see it on screen, trust that Otis is swiping away on the best dating apps Chicago has to offer) and why he wants Otis' fling from the bar, Natasha (Lauran September), to return for more episodes."We had this thing at the bar, she spoke Russian, she was a total nerd, we hit it off. "Press play on the video above for more on Otis' dating life and how he's coping after his illness last season.

Plus: bonus footage of Raymund's castmates proving they're just like you—they also think she's a gorgeous goddess who should be worshipped and rocks the heck out of a red dress..

Yes, you're scratching your head, but trust him: it totally makes sense, since Otis' new adventure will involve training for a very important mission to space.

The finale ended with Casey going back to a surprised Dawson.

"I see them being able to stick it out," Spencer tells of what's to come in season five.

Spencer is the son of parents Robyn and Rodney Spencer who are the founders of the Australians Against Further Immigration, a political party.

This couple has run as candidates for the state elections and federal elections a number of times.

It was the time on the Scotch College whereby he auditioned for the soap opera Neighbors and landed a role.

After completing his VCE, he also gained a position in the Monash University but instead chose to pursue his interest in the field of acting.

Casey has a lot going on at all times, what with a romantic quadrangle going on, his desire for revenge against a local criminal organization and of course literally putting out fires. I mean, it’s nothing without the character element, but I think they play to both really well.