PHOTOS: Ke$ha Rocks A Bikini “That’s when she started really looking thin.I remember the costume girl would go, ‘Oh my god, this costume is getting really big! She’d already gotten really thin before the breakup, but I think that further really messed with her trust.” Sebert revealed that Ke$ha has had trust issues with men dating all the way back to her biological father — who Sebert says is one of two men.In a world where couples are constantly breaking up and getting back together, then breaking up again — we're looking at you, Jelena — this is one duo that's staying strong and keeping out of trouble! Although, we're hoping Brad Ashenfelter gave Kesha a stern talking to when she was caught nonchalantly sneaking a fake dinosaur out of a museum on Saturday!

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"It became a vicious cycle: When I compared myself to others, I would read more mean comments, which only fed my anxiety and depression.

Seeing paparazzi photos of myself and the accompanying catty commentary fuelled my eating disorder.

No word on where Kesha and her man are traveling to, but wherever it may be, we hope the singer packed some pants!

Singer-songwriter and rapper Ke$ha is dating a ghost. Ke$ha said that she fell in love with the ghost over the last few months.

Kesha The 30-year-old musician has been dating Brad Ashenfelter for around three years, and it seems their relationship has been going from strength to strength as a source has claimed the pair are "very loved up" and has hinted at the possibility of an engagement "very soon".

The insider told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "They are very loved up. He gave her a gorgeous ring as a sign of his commitment.An online profile of Brad’s reveals that he “spends the majority of his income on CDs and records.” After checking out of rehab in March and promptly dropping the dollar sign on her musical alias, friends revealed that the singer was determined to stay healthy by surrounding herself with only those who had her best intentions at heart.Ke$ha‘s secret relationship and subsequent breakup from music video director Darren Craig didn’t just push the singer’s eating disorder buttons, but it also triggered trust issues with men, her mother told Radar in an exclusive interview.Kesha's had some big hits, so what's at stake?Nashville native Kesha Rose Sebert, formerly known as Ke$ha, first hit the pop charts as an uncredited collaborator on Flo Rida's chart-topping single "Right Round." Her whiskey-soaked debut solo single "Tik Tok" topped the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks and sold 610,000 digital units during the week ending December 27th, 2009, and her debut album Why was the February 19th decision in a New York courtroom?There could be wedding bells very soon." The 'Tik Tok' hitmaker met Brad in 2014 through mutual friends, and during the same year Brad took the time to visit the blonde beauty at Timberline Knolls treatment centre in Illinois where she was receiving treatment for an eating disorder.