"As has been the case with pervious Windows updates, a device may not be able to receive the Creators Update if the device hardware is incompatible, lacking current drivers, or otherwise outside of the Original Equipment Manufacturer's ('OEM') support period," says a Microsoft spokesperson.We have become aware that a recent update to Windows 10 has caused connection issues with Windows Mobile Device Center and connection to Trimble devices.

Available for both Wi-Fi Companion (WFC - based on Microsoft’s Wireless Zero Configuration manager) and Enhanced Wi-Fi Companion (e-WFC - Socket’s high performance Cisco CCX 4.0 Certified wireless management solution offering advanced security).

Note: Only install the WFC CAB file if you are using WFC.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced that a phalanx of carriers and manufacturers have thrown their support behind upgrading devices that are already in the marketplace, which is what we were hoping to hear.

Everything from the Pantech Duo, to the AT&T Tilt, to the Sprint Mogul is getting 6.1 love beginning this quarter of the year -- though exact dates haven't been announced.

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You may attempt to load the latest Dev Alpha B update onto your Dev Alpha A, however the Dev Alpha A is no longer officially supported as of

I can't seem to find an alternative for Windows 10?

Though it's been circulating through the user community (and a Sony Ericsson lab or two) for a little while now, Windows Mobile 6.1 had never gotten officially official in its own right -- until now.

domain=Here is the summary which worked for that other case: Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) is allowed to install, but not fully run. NET Framework 3.5 similar to as described at the following web page. domain=answers.After install, you must right click on Start, and then click on Computer Management USB to PC icon, uncheck the “Enable Advanced Network Functionality” checkbox, tap OK, and then connect the cable.

WMDC never shows connected, but Active Sync on the handheld does, and you can at least open File Explorer on your PC to “browse the contents of the remote device” for transferring files. These Services settings changes must be re-applied every time you Restart your PC.

Follow the break for the full list of devices on the upgrade list or have a peep at our 6.1 gallery below!