The BD-P1400 only supports Blu-ray Profile 1.0, which means it won't play some special features on discs coming out next year.Just got given a brand new Samsung BD-P1500 for Christmas, and am having problems connecting it to my Lan.Samsung was the first company to launch a Blu-ray player in the UK, but the BD-P1000 didn’t go down too well with the home entertainment cognoscenti – its spec was severely limited, with no HD audio or 24fps support, and because it converted 1080p pictures to 1080i and back again, the resulting picture quality left a lot to be desired.

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I have tried using two different ethernet cables to connect it to my router (to rule out dodgy cable as a source of the problem), and have tried setting a static ip address, and then using dhcp, but whatever I do I cant seem to get it to communicate via my router to the internet in order to be able to download firmware updates.

I downloaded the firmware update to my pc and installed it via usb stick.

The BD- P1400 has also been given a radical makeover, supplanting the angled lines of the P1000 with a gently curved fascia.

The first player design had its fans, but in my opinion, this model looks better.

Wie üblich verzichtet Samsung auf eine detailierte Angabe der Änderungen, die durch die neue Software durchgeführt werden.

The Samsung BD-P1400’s feature list is superior to the company’s debut Blu-ray deck, and is bolstered further by a firmware update which we suggest all buyers implement as soon as they can.

Flip it 180° and you’re presented with a decent array of sockets.

Taking centre stage is the HDMI v1.3 output, which not only delivers 1080p video (including upscaled DVDs) but also routes the hi-res audio bitstreams.

It seems that the time for hi-def player has definitely arrived.

Discs can be easily found for buying at any Wal-mart and you can easily rent the latest releases on any Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

And the greatest news is that this month Blu-Ray players have finally dropped below the 0 mark, with players from Samsung (BD-P1400, the one we are going to cover in this review) and from Sony (BDP-S300) costing 9.99 at any Best Buy.