Far from draconian, the code actually addresses only the bare minimum.

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Special thanks to Doug Olson at the Richfield Home Depot Pro-Desk for letting me know about this code section that just took effect.

Replacing outlets with safer GFCI outlets is a simple project for beginner DIYers to bring their kitchen and bathroom outlets up to code.

If the ends of the wire are nicked or damaged, trim off the damaged area, strip about one half an inch of insulation off the end of the wire and use needle nose pliers to bend the end.

Electrical code basics and recommended practices for kitchen renovation often seem like pointless rules cooked up in an office boardroom.

These timer switches control indoor and outdoor lighting, pools system, sprinkler systems, water heaters, appliances, and many other electrical loads.

In short, it’s an electrical safety device designed to prevent fires.

And while electrical code eventually does get hammered out across conference tables, most of it originates from people who ​ This is the group that writes the National Electrical Code (NEC), which then is adopted in whole or part (or not adopted) by your municipality.

So it is more than about making your local inspector happy.

One GFCI outlet at the beginning of a circuit protects all the remaining outlets on that circuit. If the circuit breakers aren't labeled, you can locate the proper switch by plugging a radio into the outlet you plan to change. Then place a piece of tape over the switch to make sure no one accidentally turns it back on while you're working on the outlet.

If there are two pairs of wires entering the receptacle's box, separate the wires from the box into two pairs of one white wire and one black wire.

Dimmers can save energy while upgrading the comfort in your home or office.