Or this example where the customer had to wait 20 minutes before being connected to an agent and received a canned response that didn’t resolve her issue?Bad customer service can lead to frustrated and dissatisfied customers, negative reputation for your business, and lots of lost customers.— that’s the big picture when it comes to communicating via video chat.

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Thank you for your contribution too, the command "npm install socket.io-client --save" has worked but not the same for the second "typings install socket.io-client --save --global" - "Typings" is not recognized as an internal or external command. With your information my is like that: import from "() export class Home Page I have an error: "TS1005: ',' expected." and the other "cannot find namespace 'socket Io Client'", I think that the last one is because the second command doen't work. So now, when I run my proyect I have the error "Cannot find module 'socket.io-client'" import from "@angular/http"; import from "@angular/core"; import * as io from 'socket.io-client'; import from '../../providers/socket-service/socket-service'; import from '../../models/chat-message'; @Component() export class Home Page { @View Child('chat') chat: any; messages: any; socket Host: string; zone: Ng Zone; chat Box: string; constructor( Http, public socket: Socket Service) { this.messages = []; OH!

I would like do one example that I press a button like this: My Proyect Send Socket and send socket to my server in so when I finalize and tested it, I will put it here, if you are interested.

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But what happens when you offer good customer service?

Like this example, where the customer service agent addressed his male customer as “ma’am” and didn’t have a basic understanding of the problem?

And if you’re offering, or thinking of offering live chat customer support, you’re probably already aware of the benefits such as increased sales, high customer satisfaction, and reduced customer support costs.

You know that good customer service leads to benefits for your business like a loyal customer base, customers who are willing to pay a premium for your products, and customers who leave great reviews.

In the examples above, these live chat agents simply didn’t observe some of the general rules of live chat etiquette, or even general customer service etiquette. Then make sure you follow these 10 rules of chat etiquette for your support team.

When it comes to live chat, the faster your agent’s response time, the better.

When customers visit a store, sales professionals have the opportunity to personally help them as they make buying decisions.