Mamoswine has a blue mask-like pattern with a white rim around its face, resembling ski goggles.

As a consequence, the government established Malaysian Air Quality Guidelines, the Air Pollution Index, and the Haze Action Plan to improve air quality.

Air quality monitoring is part of the initial strategy in the pollution prevention program in Malaysia.

Mamoswine's feet are black with three thick toes, and its tail is small.

It can endure harsh cold and hunger for an almost indefinite amount of time, as indicated by a ten-thousand-year-old specimen reviving.

Its brown fur is very thick to endure harsh cold and protect from snow and ice.

Its tusks, which are smaller on a female Mamoswine than on a male, are made of pure, solid ice.

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Known from places such as—but not limited to—the Internet.

And the reason I say «things», is because most of what we create is virtual—it's technically not even «real».