The emphasis is on the play and the acting, not costumes, props or special effects.

Joining Expedia and alternative dating website uk as they whisked 60 solo travellers to Italy in search of love, 34-year-old Jessica 'dated' 21 bachelors at 35,000 feet during the flight.

And then she touched down and had three dates with different candidates who were handpicked for her based on her interests. To prove that travel makes people more interesting and can ignite the spark of romance.

We boarded after breakfast and a nerve-steadying drink and as soon as we reached 35,000 feet, it was date time.

The girls stayed in their seats and the guys moved from one to the other for three-and-a-half speed dates.

After all, its latest research shows that travel is the most common topic of conversation on a first date. Jessica reveals all...'Expedia had chartered a plane to take us to Venice for the day for our three dates - an unusual outing and unlike anything I had even done before.

The whole experience actually started the night before our flight, when we arrived at Luton Airport and checked in at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel.

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This is what our dateless in society have turned to.