Trying to do this update on the reader fails with the message "failed to complete", tried again, no go.

Tried this on two different Windows 7 laptops and two different PRS-T1 readers.

sony prs t1 updating-14sony prs t1 updating-66

I managed to corrupt certain parts of the OS and now USB and Wifi doesn't work.

My reader is on the latest 1.0.07 firmware and there isn't any rescue package made by the community for this firmware.

What I'm trying to do is reinstall the current firmware to replace the corrupted/incompatible files.

I've tried the Linux method of updating by copying "PRS-T1 Updater.package" to the root of READER partition then pressing HOME MENU and powering on from shut down state but the reader doesn't (re)update.

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Or you can download the update to your computer and use Sony’s updater utility by following the links below.

PRS-T1 Firmware Update – version PRS-T2 Firmware Update – version PRS-T3 Firmware Update – version It’s unfortunate that Sony decided to give up on their ebook store in North America, but at least they are giving customers some sort of alternative.

ERROR: Update button of PRS-T1 Updater is not enabled even if PRS-T1 is connected to the computer.

RESOLUTION: Close PRS-T1 Updater by X button, disconnect the USB cable from PRS-T1 and press reset button of PRS-T1.

Well, there is no sync button on a Sony Reader like there is a Kobo ereader, so there appears to be no way to add your Kobo library wirelessly at this point in time—guess they’ve still got some work to do.