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Abandoned buildings, a legacy of the second world war including over 238, social media postings years that followed the pattern i never cared about.

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I embrace my blackness, and my femininity, and the entire fabric that makes me who I am. Her statement about writing and black women was part of her acceptance speech at the Black Girls Rock award show, where she received the “Showcaller” award this past November. Gabrielle Union’s character Mary Jane Paul is a single, successful black woman dealing with issues I can relate to.

Mara Brock Akil inspires me – to strengthen my writing skills, embrace, and further explore the ideas, and the historical and social components that make me and my sisters the complex beings that we are. Her latest project is BET’s new series Being Mary Jane, starring Gabrielle Union – first season airs January 2014. I rarely watch television, but I’m looking forward to watching her new show on BET.

I appreciate everything that CFCC has done for my family.

Thank you.”“I would like to send a note of thanks and appreciation for your caring and professional service which I have experienced at your office in the past couple of months.Sometimes a single visit with a Christ-centered counselor with the education to understand and the gift to listen to others is all that’s needed to provide insight towards the right direction.Not a “one size fits all” but it’s one that can fit any size, problem, difficulty, issue – regardless of what it is.Thank you for helping me and my family.”“It is evident that the clinical organization of CFCC functions at the standard of care level for mental health organizations.The treatment process from intake, diagnosis, treatment, and termination of treatment is well organized and monitored. CFCC also gives back to the mental health profession by providing internship experiences for developing mental health professionals.As the number one Speed Dating Company in Chicago, we are eager and happy to share our successful love stories with the dating world.