Most likely, you and your team are reaching this level.

It’s more common to see workers grabbing their laptops and taking the subway to a coffee shop than to an office.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the available reports.

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Your family and friends can respond directly to each update with comments and messages of encouragement.

Your family and friends can leave you Well Wish messages, offering words of encouragement and stories, memories, photos and videos of their own or one of our beautiful Care Post™ graphic images.

Ready to check out the analytics for your Add This website tools?

A Caring Bridge website provides all the information your family and friends need so they can give you all the support you need.

Introduce family and friends to your story with a brief background of what led to starting your Caring Bridge website.

You can summarize the diagnosis and make sure everyone gets the same information. Caring Bridge is an easy place to update all your family and friends, making your health journey just a little bit easier for you.

This report shows which pages are being shared most frequently, and which are bringing the most traffic back to your site by tracking shares and social clicks.

The follow activity report shows the number of new followers you’ve gained on social media via Add This Follow Tools. This report takes a closer look at your top performing related posts.

We’ve broken it up into three categories: Communication, Project/Task Management and File Management/Sharing.

Hall Hall allows teams to connect with private group chat, file sharing and multiple notification features.

Use the Journal as an outlet to inform visitors of a diagnosis and share updates during treatment and recovery.