Number 1 chart position and gold for their last album «Big Rocks» - now Krokus rev up live!

After a successful tour start in Malta and a successful debut at the 'Rock the Ring' festival in Switzerland in front of 12,000 fans, the Swiss Rock-Veterans continue to heat up audiences all over Europe.

Self-reported HIV diagnoses from participants of the European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) living in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom were compared with surveillance data, for both the overall diagnosed prevalence and for new diagnoses made in 2009.

Country level prevalence and new diagnoses rates per 100 MSM were calculated based on an assumed MSM population size of 3% of the adult male population.

We have investigated mitochondrial (mt) DNA d-loop diversity, sex and coat colour using bones from 34 horses of different size from three Swiss sites (Mormont, Basel-Gasfabrik, Aventicum) most of them dating from 150 to 50 BCE.

The aim was to characterise the diversity of matrilineages and coat colourations of Iron Age horses, and to identify molecular sex.

We detected eleven mt haplotypes clustering into six haplogroups (B, D, F, I, X2, X3) in the ancient dataset (n = 19).

Large individuals were all male, but smaller stallions were also identified; molecular sexing confirmed and augmented to morphological results.

Success, quarrel, separation, peace, reunion, comeback: Krokus rock with hundreds of thousands of stoked fans across Europe.

And the Rockers from Solothurn have their sights set on a USA tour for next year!

And it gets even better: for next year a US tour is planned again!