This is the story of Billy Carmedy and Aaron Sorensen.

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But since I was raised in a church that regularly tries to counsel homosexuals into being straight and in a home where terms like "rug muncher" and "carpet licker" were casually bandied about by homophobic brothers, I never allowed myself to entertain the notion. Two shots of Jagermeister in, my friends Tim, Alexis, and Sasha, are en route to Tim's apartment for an after-party, laughter and marijuana smoke trailing after us, the perfume of partiers. I glimpse an expansive stretch of luscious, olive-colored skin with delicate shoulder bones protruding like baby bird wings.

Tim drops his keys twice before managing to fumble his door unlocked and push it inward."Drunk b*stard." Sasha giggles and marches into the kitchen, "What's there to eat in here? ""Don't have much, haven't gone shopping in awhile.""Figures." Alexis mutters. " Tim pulls himself up onto the counter, leans his back against the wall then stretches his long legs down the countertop's length while Sasha scavenges his empty cupboards."Dry pasta noodles! I support most of Nicole's minimal weight as we cross the hall to the bathroom.

By the time the joint makes its fourth lap around the room heads have turned into helium balloons, gigantic, floating parade novelties attached to string necks.

She staggers to the toilet and immediately begins retching. I just met the girl and we're already engaged in the intimate dance of drunken friends taking care of each other during a violent session with the porcelain god.

Add to this mix the complete rejection of Aaron by his parents due to religious bigotry when he trustingly came out to them and you have the challenging but beautiful story of how two personable and intelligent gay boys circuitously find each other and somehow survive.

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