Sagittarius dates are between November 22 and December 21.

They do not expect favors in return, their kindness is selfless.

They do not interfere with other people's plans and they are never possessive or jealous.

It never differs more than a day in each direction.

The start of the Sagittarius dates must be within the dates 22nd or 23rd of November, and the end of it between the 21st or 22nd of December. In astrology, your Sagittarius Zodiac sign (also called sun sign or star sign) is decided by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth, as seen from Earth. Every fourth year we add a day to the calendar, the 29th of February, making that year 366 days.

2017 is a year wide open with opportunities for Sagittarians.

There is plenty of energy that will prompt you to dig in and make tremendous progress.Freedom is so important to Sagittarius that they will actually make decisions based on the amount of freedom that is given by the choice they have made, as a result, sometimes a good opportunity is turned down because of it's high commitment need, but this is their choice so it is a good choice for them.Sagittarius make excellent friends because of their encouraging, positive nature and their kind heart that will do anything to make sure the friend is happy.They treat others the way they want to be treated and life life based on a 'live and let live' policy, this makes them so agreeable.Sagittarius are excellent conversationalists with a good sense of humor, sometimes their humor is the raw truth, but these people speak their mind and don't hold anything back.In reality it changes slightly in a four year period from one leap year to the next.