Try experimenting with one (or more) of those themes, to see what kind of project you can come up with! There are also fully illustrated cutscenes and portraits created by the lovely Dr. Started in 2013, Heretic has been adding to his huge collection of RPG Maker XP Resources for two years now.

Note: Though this topic was mainly made with the thought of discussing developed RPG Maker gems, feel free to ask questions or share your own progress on development of games made in the program, or other RPG Maker related discussions.

In my goal to play every horror game out there, I recently have stumbled upon some small niche audience that I didn't even know existed and was at first confused by; a cult audience of people following and making RPG Maker games. It even has had console versions, and traces all the way back to 1992 (technically 1988), essentially being one of the easiest game creation tools used to make 2D RPG games in a simplified matter that's like a mixture between a sim game in itself of game creation, and an actual game creation tool.

A growing trend is making horror or adventure games with RPG Maker, as its new features and tools allow you to go beyond the expected uses of the program with some creativity.

I almost never see these games talked about outside of these small niche circles, but there's almost a stupid amount of fan art, music remixes, fan animations, and even fan games made of some of the more popular games in these circles.

It's probably THE most successful dating sim in North America (and possibly everywhere else that it has been released except Japan), and one of a very few farming sims (and of course, the most successful on video game consoles.

Also, it may or may not be what inspired the infamous Farmville on Facebook.

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" so you have a good idea what to begin programming.