It's low pay, but at least you get to absorb all the CREATIVE music you'll see on the road.Bonus: §240 Being a roadie sucked, but all those bands you heard were amazing!Ready to discover once-and-for-all whether X-Plane is better than FSX?

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Then this new rock band game from the makers of Kudos and Democracy is just for you...

The game is part RPG, part life-sim, part Tycoon game.

As a record store clerk, you can hear even more of it too!

Take advantage of the "creative" atmosphere to make friends and learn some better skills while avoiding real work.

You are a struggling rock singer who puts together their own band, and tries to achieve fame and fortune, from humble beginnings as a starving garage-band.

Pick your band-members, choose the band name, write the songs..the gigs...To those individuals I would say this: Gosh, you’re looking well. All GWR locos of course, though they do have a rather nice Class 25. It runs close to Greenway, Agatha Christie’s old house. The following five pages would look very different If I hadn’t factored in mods when making my selection.Fan skill and sweat has turned some of the titles in this list from basket cases into masterpieces.The simulator instructor was Capt John Mahon, the airline's operations director.You made it through the rigorous groupie hazing process, so the band gave you a break and hired you to schlep their stuff around.b) Am concerned that allowing fiction-based sims into the top 25 will mean many fine and relatively obscure plane and car sims have to be excluded. Barely saw a cloud the whole time we were down there.