Through my research online in many gay digital spaces, I have noticed trends in the ways that gay men are presenting themselves online and how their online identities are operating through many media, Grindr being my favorite.Although there will of course be people who do not fit into the five boxes listed below, I'm sure that if you open up your Grindr app, you will be able to spot these five types. Abdomen is the Abercrombie & Fitch model of the digital world that is Grindr.

Abdomen is coming home from his chosen late-night entertainment, and that will change, and you, too, will have your chance with the faceless Adonis who will be "bored" or "chilling" in bed.

But remember, there may be reasons beyond discretion that Mr. 2) The Traveler The Traveler just happens to be visiting that day and is in dire need of meeting up because he's lonely or needs someone to show him the city.

(Side note: Lonely is code for "let's get naked.") His "About Me" section will always say, "Visiting from [insert city that I'm probably not from here]," and his profile picture will be of him doing something very exciting, like boating, cooking, or standing on a beach, in order to prove his transitory status. 3) The Bust Arguably the most popular Grindr person you will meet is the Bust.

The Traveler, due to being a digital gypsy of sorts, has a high probability of being closeted and married with children. He gets his name from using head-and-shoulders shots as his profile picture.

I've known people that have had that happen before, and it hasn't always ended well.

Anybody you piss off can go back and claim you had sex with them without disclosing, and how would you prove otherwise? In his home state of Tennessee, like in Georgia, it's a felony for HIV-positive people to have sex with someone without first disclosing their status.

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Is Grindr responsible for not warning users that they could get harassed by others on the dating app?