Having kids talk about such difficult topics makes them feel important and empowered.

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3) Create some key piece of information which is relevant to the potential court case.

4) Choose an amount of money which is quite large, but is within the potential budget of the company.

Fourth and fifth graders Silas Stanek-Streed, Tomas Carreno, and Matthew Coggins from Vineyard Montessori School recently had their first experience with the Montessori Model United Nations conference (MMUN) in New York.

Irene Wendt, their teacher and chaperone on the trip, said about the conference, “You really have to be open to everyone’s opinion. It encouraged everyone to come forward with their thoughts and ideas.”In MMUN, kids select a country to represent and two issues to debate.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered.

Tags: academic papers, squid Posted on April 15, 2016 at PM • 250 Comments • April 15, 2016 PM One news story is that the Burr-Feinstein Bill's text was official released this week.

With the Watch Point now at an end for 2007, I would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped down on Cathedral Green since we began back in mid-May.

Plus a further note of thanks to Andy and Barry, regular watchpoint attendees, for their help on many occasions.

Peregrine Falcons first nested on Derby's Cathedral, England, in 2006. My job of organising the rota has been made easy, having such a splendid team who so willingly have given up their time to stand for hours on end, helping visitors to see and learn about the falcons.

Our Peregrine Project is now run by a partnership between Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Derby City Council, Derby Cathedral and the Cathedral Quarter. Brian & Margaret H, Celia H, Sue J, John B, Sue and John H, Allan H, Ian & Judith F, Lizz D, Margaret K, Steve & Ann R, Andy & Chris M, Dave R, John B, Malcolm H, Tony G, Nick M, Tony S, David P, Ian H and also Wildlife Trust staff Sarah D, Sarah S, Nell T and Philip P.

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