The Frenchman, played with great style by Russian actor Sergei Dreiden, takes us to painting and sculpture galleries, kitchens, ballrooms, storerooms, basements and living quarters as we observe things that happened in the Hermitage over the centuries.At first, I was very aware of the technical feat of no cuts.

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The Mariinsky Ballet was founded in the 1740s, following the formation of the first Russian dance school in 1738.

The Imperial Theatre School as it was originally known, was established on , at the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg.

Internationally, the Mariinsky Ballet continues to be known by its former Soviet name the Kirov Ballet.

The Mariinsky Ballet is the parent company of the Vaganova Ballet Academy, a leading international ballet school.

Gradually, though, I think most people just relax and accept the skill of the director and photographer, and become immersed in what they are seeing. The movie ends with the last dance held in the Great Ballroom before WWI.

Hundreds of actors and dancers, in full costume, swirl around this ornate setting, and swirl around the camera as well, while the camera glides through the crowds.

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