Customers may use several methods of outreach to resolve their problems, perhaps starting with an email, then moving to social media or escalating to a phone call if not satisfied.

Namibia webchat-10

There is no user preference setting for this feature.

The tables below detail the expected behaviour of BWTF for all supported browser/OS combinations.

Service levels can be managed and reported on and when an email is delivered to an agent between incoming voice calls, they can choose from pre-written templates which can be customized on the fly.

Surveys show that 63% of consumers are more likely to revisit a website that offers chat, and around 40% of users confirm that web chat sessions have enabled them to complete a web transaction that they would otherwise have abandoned without the live support that web chat offers.

stproxyconfig.xml: In some cases the browser icon will flash in the taskbar instead of the chat window being brought to front.

This behaviour is determined by the OS and indicates that an application's request to focus one of its windows has been denied by the OS.

Available = Hunt Lync / Skype for Business mobile client with the status Available.

Busy = Hunt Lync / Skype for Business mobile client with the status Available, Busy and Away.

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