I think he's on the level below the elite Johnson/Seaver/Clemens/Maddux/Pedro group. 1 in this exercise, he's one of the most important players of the 20th century, not just for what he did on the field or because of his readiness to serve (volunteering the day after Pearl Harbor), but because his integrated barnstorming tours on the West Coast after the war ended both helped drag baseball into overdue inclusion of black and Latin players, it also got the owners to think about moving teams west of the Mississippi.

Feller's pro-player, pro-inclusion stance was a reminder of what people in the game could do, and in his case, did do.

However, in a quieter environment, either in the clubhouse or after stretching prior to the game, Chapman feels relaxed to see someone from Holguín in the Yankees dugout. Aroldis Chapman: (Chuckles) You started with a good one!

(Chuckles) Now, seriously, of all the coaches I had, Castillo was among the ones who helped me the most as a pitcher, mainly when I started pitching, because my shape was not the best for a pitcher.

Thursday brings the top 10 infielders by position of all time, followed by pitchers and catchers on Friday. The player Bob Feller is the only pitcher ever to throw a no-hitter on Opening Day, marking the only time that every player's batting average on one team was exactly the same after the game as it was before the game.

To create our list, an ESPN expert panel voted on thousands of head-to-head matchups of 162 players, based on both peak performance and career value. This week, we bring you the top 10 at each position.

On May 9 of that year, they were playing the mighty Cardinals, a loaded team that would go on to win the World Series.

The man on the mound that day was Bob Gibson, one of the best and most terrifying fireballers in baseball history.

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-- To me, Feller is simultaneously underrated and overrated.

Wynn was born in Alabama and signed with the Senators at the age of 17, deciding to pursue baseball instead of finishing high school.

He spent a couple of seasons in the minor leagues, had a brief major league stint in 1939, returned to the major leagues in 1941 and pitched his first full MLB season in 1942.

New York Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman, born in Holguín, Cuba, is perhaps one of the best-known people among his countrymen in Major League Baseball.