In the course of this, as usually happens, a few users are 'riled' up because they spent a considerable amount of time in the chat room, made friendships, connected, etc.I'm sorry to have had it come to this, but over the last year users have been warned MANY times, etc.I don't really think that I have the street-cred to create a homotopy theory chat room...

The chat room we will use in our region is: naperville on the conference.jabber.writing.server.

When there are word wars going on in that room, folks should use the naperwrimo chat room on the same jabber chat conference server.

As a few of you already know, the chat room here has been removed.

This service was a nice add-on the last year or so, but the continued problems that included inappropriate chat, personal attacks and other absolutely unacceptable behavior, especially after hours, is why its closed.

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I believe if most users had seen what was taking place there they'd agree it has no place on a site for firefighters.

It wasn't ever promised to be here forever, and last month accounted for less than 1% of the visits to this site. Discussions about it will be removed, simply to allow us to focus on managing the segments of the site where that type of activity does not take place.

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We now have jabber bots in both rooms (word_war and Write_or_Die).