Začínalo to bicepsem o koleno, benčem, potom troškou trojboje a momentálně mě baví strongman disciplíny.

Nějaké formě cvičení se s menšími či většími přetržkami věnuji už od patnácti.

Benče jsem podržel a tahy na závěr byly smrtící, tam to šlo i přes 5 minut.

I thought 'these some' seemed too curious that they didn't even bother to ask me why.

I thought they only cared to talk about people behind their back.

Kasalukuyang nakararanas ng pag-unlad ang bansa sa mga remitans na ipinapadala pauwi ng mga OFW.

Isa sa mga pinakaumuunlad na bahagi ang teknolohiyang pangkaalaman sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas.

But to talk about someone just to feel good about oneself or to acquire admiration or to prove how better religious friar he is makes me want to puke.

Because as of this writing, I have not heard or received a piece of fraternal advice from these nosy breed of hypocrites under a religious habit on how to deal with their issue with me. Nagsimula ang kolonyal na pamamahala ng Estados Unidos sa Pilipinas noong Disyembre ng 1899, kasama ang limitadong lokal na pamamahala noong 1905.Ang parsiyal na pagsasarili ay iginawad noong 1935, bilang paghahanda sa isang ganap ng kalayaan mula sa Estados Unidos noong 1945.When I arrived here three years ago, I was told of a friar whom I know and who lived here prior to my arrival about practically the same issue. Are we too few in the community that they can easily spot who's not around? Aren't they too busy teaching (or working or studying) to be so nosy? I will not be surprised if 'these some' are the ones whom I don’t regularly see in the choir for common prayers because if they were there, there they will find me and wouldn't be so amazed to find that I’m still here.I would like to think so but since they've got time to cater an issue like that, I now begin to wonder. The fact is I don’t see them in the choir and I am not surprised at all.Ngunit ang 10-taong transisyon mula sa komonwelt patungo sa isang soberanyang bansa ay naantala dahil sa pagsakop ng Hapon sa Pilipinas noong panahon ng Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig.