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Many hospitals and outpatient facilities are equipped to perform routine EBCT.

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The study can be repeated at regular intervals to monitor the progression of the disease or response to treatment.

Because this procedure is so readily available, EBCT is used as a screening tool for detecting CAD.

Chest x-rays may reveal heart size, abnormalities of the cardiac silhouette such as an aneurysm; fractured ribs (possibly received during resuscitation); pneumothorax, incipient heart failure; pulmonary edema; atelectasis; lung diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and pulmonary embolism; pericardial effusion, and proper placement of devices such as endotracheal tubes and Swan-Ganz monitoring catheters.

One type of computed tomography (CT) is cine CT with volume scanning, also known as electron beam CT (EBCT).

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