As the Gale-Shapley algorithm predicts match outcomes in the absence of search costs, we conclude that mate preferences, not search frictions, explain much of the strong degree of sorting along various attributes in marriages.DESCRIPTION: We investigate whether interracial contact in childhood impacts adult romantic relationships.

We then explore whether the estimated mate preferences, in conjunction with the Gale-Shapley algorithm, can explain the matching patterns in offline, real-world marriages.

We find that we can predict assortative mating patterns that are similar to those observed in marriages.

The authors appear most concerned about the usefulness of the predictive economic models (whether the models were able to correctly predict the results observed in the date mined). The Adachi model "provides a useful stylized description of user behavior on the dating site." The authors did not seem to be particularly concerned about the individuals per se and how to improve the experience and/or success of the users of the dating site.

Out-of- sample predictions of offline matches, i.e., marriages, exhibit assortative mating patterns similar to those observed in actual marriages.

matching and sorting patterns in marriage markets (across fields of economics, sociology, social psychology, and anthropology).

Online dating sites are "matching markets" used to allocate "indivisible goods" (singles) with no "price" or transfer mechanism.The second objective was to find out if sorting using mate attributes occurs in online dating (yes), and whether an economic model could predict sorting patterns of couples who met offline (yes).The authors concluded that data obtained from the online dating site helped understanding of the economic mechanisms underlying match choice and marriage formation.These two big cities have the largest pools of singles from which to choose. In fact, some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life come from this part of the world.Men in the Ukraine are outnumbered as Ukraine has one of the lowest sex ratios (ratio of males to females) of any country in the world. If you decide to sign up for one of the dating sites I discuss below, you will see what I’m talking about.All user activity over a three and a half month period in 2003 is observed.