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During the trip to Mars, Vx Works ran applications dedicated to the navigation and guidance phase of the mission, and also had a pre-programmed software sequence for handling the complexity of the entry-descent-landing.

Once landed, the applications were replaced with software for driving on the surface and performing scientific activities. The Morse code pattern (for "JPL") is represented by small (dot) and large (dash) holes in three horizontal lines on the wheels. Typically 225 kbit/day of commands are transmitted to the rover directly from Earth, at a data rate of 1–2 kbit/s, during a 15-minute (900 second) transmit window, while the larger volumes of data collected by the rover are returned via satellite relay.

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Julian dates are expressed as a Julian day number with a decimal fraction added.

It has been used by historians since its introduction in 1583 to convert between different calendars.

It is also useful preparation for a future manned mission to Mars.

To contribute to these goals, MSL has eight main scientific objectives: About one year into the surface mission, and having assessed that ancient Mars could have been hospitable to microbial life, the MSL mission objectives evolved to developing predictive models for the preservation process of organic compounds and biomolecules; a branch of paleontology called taphonomy.

Without an astronomical or historical context, a "Julian date" given as "40" most likely means the fortieth day of a given Gregorian year, namely February 9.

Other possible meanings of a "Julian date" of "40" include an astronomical Julian Day Number, or the year AD 40 in the Julian calendar, or a duration of 40 astronomical Julian years).

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