July 19 folks are prone to laziness when it comes to doing things or making decisions.What’s more, they can also get impatient and temperamental.A public health researcher at Queen Mary University in London says that nuclear warfare could lead to environmental impacts such as fires, soot in the stratosphere, and declines in global food production.

Other additional fortes include their sense of wisdom, humor, self-awareness and grace.

However, these people have their share of weaknesses as well.

The Lakers would only be able to offer a maximum of four years and $132 million.

July 19 individuals are optimistic folks with idealistic principles and high expectations.

Chris Paul ditched the star-spangled Clippers for the Rockets' red glare to boost his championship odds before his prime years slammed shut. The Clippers, in turn, committed $173 million to Blake Griffin, injured limbs and all, because the risk of an All-Star breaking down trumps the risk of irrelevance. The Pacers and Chicago Bulls (Butler), erstwhile playoff stalwarts, just gave up.

In Indianapolis, the Pacers opted to trade Paul George for a next-to-nothing return—because it beat losing him for literally nothing. And suddenly, the Sacramento Kings), but the truth is more layered.

Teams are scrambling, stars are swapping jerseys and someone just filed a missing persons report on the Eastern Conference. The league has seen wild offseasons, but rarely anything this extreme, this angsty, this .

Rosters are consequently less stable than ever."You see this constellation of symptoms that have resulted in this," an Eastern Conference executive told B/R.

Or he could deliver an ultimatum Paul, disheartened by the Clippers' inertia, used his pending free agency to force a trade to Houston and join MVP runner-up James Harden.

George informed Indiana he'd be leaving as a free agent in 2018, spurring the Pacers to trade him now. Even James, who has taken Cleveland to three straight Finals, reportedly may be looking to leave again next summer.

The San Antonio Spurs welcome the Golden State Warriors to AT&T Center on Saturday night for a Western Conference matchup at p.m. The national audience won't get to watch several of the best players from both teams, however, as Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and Spurs head coach Greg Popovich have opted to rest multiple starters.