The Amazing Race 12 is the twelveth season of the reality television show, The Amazing Race.It premiered on November 4, 2007 and ended on January 20, 2008 on CBS.Her doubles only do the very rigorous action scenes and if the action is TOO violent they put a Jennifer wig on a slim guy.

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However, time penalties issued before the start of the next leg due to improperly performed tasks are not reflected here.

Nathan & Jennifer initially arrived 2nd, but did not take legal transportation to the Pit Stop.

This season traveled a total of 30,000 mi (48,000 km) across 10 countries in four continents.

Travelocity was the official sponsor during this season and provided prizes to winning teams on every legs (except the final leg).

As Amazing Race fans know, no team was eliminated this week.

But to tide you over till the next episode, here's an interview with America's favorite ousted racing Goths, Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala.

She’s the breakout star of the series, now in its second season, and already has a SAG Award.