now relegated to oversee a group millennials by its publisher Roland (Stephen Fry).

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He also starred in the CBS sitcom The Great Indoors.

Mc Hale was born in Rome, Italy, where his father, Jack Mc Hale, worked as Dean of Students at Loyola University Rome Center.

The longtime star reporter for “The Great Outdoors” magazine, Joel has climbed mountains, confronted bears and just generally led a life of excitement and adventure, but when he’s sidelined by an injury, he’s forced to take a desk job in the publication’s digital and social-media department, surrounded by a team of millennials who view him as an exotic and ancient oddity from another place and time.

For Mc Hale, “The Great Indoors” marks a return to the broadcast sitcom world, following “Community,” which started on NBC before being famously axed and revived by the now-defunct Yahoo Screen.

Amy Schumer is once again the only female comedian to make Forbes' highest paid list this year -- and that ain't necessarily a good thing ... We got the comic Friday at LAX, where we asked him to weigh in on Amy's ranking for the 2nd consecutive year ... Joel doesn't mince words here -- he says the comedy biz is still very much a boys club ...

despite the fact there's tons of funny women out there who deserve more recognition ... He also draws some comparisons to diversity in TV ... At least Amy's enjoying her dough, and spreading the wealth.

Gibbons will also serve as exec producer on the multicam comedy, which hails from CBS TV Studios.

Mc Hale’s character is an outdoorsy guy’s guy with a sardonic sense of humor.

I’m going to publish the other interviews – including more from Harmon, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown and some thoughts from the directing Russo brothers – from time to time over the next few weeks to hopefully whet your appetite for the return of one of the funniest and most inventive comedies on television on Sept. First up: a Comic-Con chat with the versatile Alison Brie, about Jeff and Annie’s unexpected sexual chemistry, playing a bad cop, finding time to run over to “Mad Men” to play Trudy Campbell, and more.

Well, obviously the debate episode was the critical episode where there was a gear change, but it wasn”t while we were shooting that episode that I thought that.

And with Jeff, I think that she probably has a sort of schoolgirl crush on him and has had it the whole season, and that”s in a very realistic way – something that happens with younger girls and older guys all the time.