If you think that oppression is too strong a term, you have probably never been told, “‘Be fruitful and multiply’ is not a suggestion; it’s a command.” Perhaps you have never felt the pang of newly married friends moving on to “couple friends.” Ruptured friendships can leave the abandoned person feeling oppressed.

Chemistry ignites the fire, but good character keeps it burning. "I'm in love" often means, "I'm in lust." Attraction is there, but have you carefully checked out this person's character? Ask yourself: Do I want to be more like this person? The unique need of a woman is to be loved -- to feel that she is the most important person in her husband's life.

Here are four character traits to definitely check for: Humility: Does this person believe that "doing the right thing" is more important than personal comfort? The husband needs to give her consistent, quality attention.

In several countries, celebrating Christmas Eve on December 24 has the main focus rather than December 25, with gift-giving and sharing a traditional meal with the family.

Although the month and date of Jesus' birth are unknown, by the early-to-mid fourth century the Western Christian Church had placed Christmas on December 25, Today, most Christians celebrate on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar, which has been adopted almost universally in the civil calendars used in countries throughout the world.

The man in question was probably in his late twenties. After observing his lively dialogue with other members of our group, I was forced to alter my assessment. We are making progress in eliminating body shaming, de-stigmatizing disability, and defeating racial prejudice in its varied forms.

While we could turn on any news station and see that we still have a long way to go, awareness is always the first step to change.

She has seen the happiness in the smiles of her clients, and is proud that her unique social search offers a level of customized care never before seen in the rarified world of high end matchmaking.

Carol is not corporate; she is compassionate and caring and truly vested in her clients’ happiness.

In the Council of Tours of 567, the Church, with its desire to be universal, "declared the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany to be one unified festal cycle", thus giving significance to both the Western and Eastern dates of Christmas.

Moreover, for Christians, the belief that God came into the world in the form of man to atone for the sins of humanity, rather than the exact birth date, is considered to be the primary purpose in celebrating Christmas.

One area that still seems very much in the dark, especially in Christian circles, is what psychologist Bella M.