As the state of Indiana is situated about in the center of the Great Middle West, it thereby becomes the dominant state of the widely ex- tended Mississippi Valley, so Clinton county, near the center of the Hoosier state, from the elements of which it is composed, its immigrants, its pioneers, constitute a superior class of people whose qualities were transmitted to the second and third generation, and today, mark the superior character of the people here in Clinton county.

They imparted their own social, industrial, economic and even racial characteristics to their posterity and the communities of which they form a part.

With regard to immigrants into the southern part of the state the rule here noted is not quite so strongly marked.

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Hitherto the movement has been westward; beginning at that spot in the Central Asia table lands, the generally acknowledged cradle of the race, immigration has ever been westward, thence on and on, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, settling first the Atlantic coast at the principal and most desirable points thereon, then crossing the Alleghenies, coming into the great Mississippi Valley, moving on in the same w estward direction, each group of immigrants on its own original line of latitude.

There are some exceptions to this law of migration, but as in all such cases the exception proves the rule, being due to special causes.

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In this case there was a cross migration; the southern Indiana imigrants coming not only from southern Ohio and the south counties of Pennsylvania and of the eastern states, but there was a prominent movement of population from Virginia, Kentucky and some other states of the south.