I'm sure it's a simple thing but it just stays in "Edit" mode even after a successful update.I have to click "Cancel" to get back to the View Template. This has to be me just missing something amazingly simple. Amy , I would suggest you to review the online demo below that demonstrates the required functionality: it a test and see if it works for you.

Normally the details view control automatically detects whether to pass a null in the parameter.

Instead when setting the Update Parameters in the codebehind, the control will update the database with the parameter names entered.

For example ‘@Parameter’, will be sent in the update to the record instead of null.

To solve this, you would need to automatically detect whether a value is null and then add it to the Update Parameters list.

In Share Point, we know, there are two types of event receivers, asynchronous and synchronous, for example, the Item Updating and Item Updated. So this can be avoided by registering the Item Added event handler to work synchronously, then the property edit page will be opened with the updated list item and not the original one.

The Item Updating is synchronous while the Item Updated is asynchronous.

Then select an events as in the following and click Finish. Here I'm trying to update a Share Point list based on file changes happening to a separate Share Point Document Library. An Employee Documents Document Library has the following columns: Step 9Build and deploy the solution. Go to the Employee Documents Document Library and add a new document.

The log will show as in the following: Step 12The document has been deleted.

Recently I was tasked with encrypting/decrypting some data that could be edited using ASP. Along with the details view control, the legacy code used a SQL Data Source to select and update everything.