Anti-virus software developer Friðrik Skúlason had earlier produced an online database to allow Icelanders to trace their heritage online, before three app developers took the information and made a specific anti-incest feature on their Book of Icelanders Android app.The producers, from Sad Engineer Studios, told the Digital Trends website that the app works by two users bumping their phones together to instantly see if they are related."The 'Incest Prevention' is a fun feature that the user can enable through the options menu which will notify him with both text and sound if the one he bumps with someone who is too related to him," they said."We aren't sure if other countries have such interestingly interwoven bloodlines like we do, but we’re pretty sure the Icelandic genealogy database is unique in its completeness.

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It is never easy to say—even with someone who also has a complicated family history.

For example, the blue-eyed man had his own family complexity.

The prohibition of intermarriage is also based upon genetic considerations, since when excessive inbreeding takes place, undesirable recessive genes become expressed and genetic defects and disease are more readily perpetuated.

In addition, the incest taboo is universal in human culture.

The developers told Digital Trends that they're unsure if the app has prevented any unlucky matches yet, though a user on Google's Play Store said that it would have been some use to him if he'd have had it last year.

At least there won't be any fights over wedding guest list spaces for husband and wife.In addition, intermarriage and sexual relations are also frequently prohibited among individuals who are related by half-blood, including brothers and sisters and uncles and nieces of the half-blood. You're having dinner at your new girlfriend or boyfriend's house and getting on famously with her parents. It's an old family photograph on the mantelpiece that appears to feature your own grandpa in his youth. So much so, that developers have produced an app that encourages users to "bump in the app before you bump in the bed".Visit the links below to learn all about dating and relationships and access support.Young love: so magical when it happens in movies, so annoying when it happens in real life because this Chili's is for everyone and families are trying to eat dinner here. One could argue that they're a better match than say, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, who knew one another for three months before becoming engaged. Not matter which stats you believe they add up to this— This is not easy for anyone but it’s especially uneasy for people who have been abused by people they know and trust or are related to (as 90 percent of survivors have been).