It’s incredibly late because this was a complex episode to approach.

As soon as the cold open ended with Bow’s disdainful expression as she saw Junior’s white girlfriend, my phone started going off. ” From a distance, “Being Bow-racial” may seem like a problematic, racist, weird episode of Black-ish.

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I’d estimate that that more than 80% of white girls’ specifically state that they want only a white partner.

The second most common is to leave that part of her profile blank with no stated preference.

Yet, If you’re not familiar with colorism in the black community or tropes like the tragic mulatto, you might not understand how deeply these factors actually affect black women.

Bow lays the groundwork in a brief history lesson—mixed people were given preferential treatment in our white-privileged society, leading to a disconnect between dark and lightskinned blacks until the civil rights movement, but uncertainty still exists today.

Many companies that offer private genetic tests claim they can identify whether people are related to famous historical figures or have DNA from specific racial groups.

The tests cost £30 and £300 and are said to look at the ancestral lineages that contribute to the make-up of an individual's DNA.

His mother Freda was of Welsh and English ancestry and his father was of English descent.

He had thick, black curly hair until it turned white.

Those deeply-rooted, underlying tensions are part of what keeps us from unifying and truly joining forces, working together for the greater good. What I’ve experienced for the six-plus decades that I’ve been speaking up from my POV is that people in general and Black people in particular (because, truthfully, unless and until the topic bumps up on them in a personal way, few White people pay us much attention or care about how we self-identify), are accustomed to and therefore comfortable with being in charge of our identities. On the one hand, Black people like to cite the slavery-based “rule” that anybody with a single drop of Black blood is Black to demand our allegiance.