But the political establishment, the pundits and the media can’t even contemplate the thought of a Sanders v Trump race – so they’ll put a wall around New Hampshire, say that it didn’t really matter, and look ahead to the states to come.Ergo who comes second, and how close to first they come, could dominate media interest.

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Kennedy Sammy recounted his life stories to his daughter until the voice that took him to the top of the charts, left him unable to speak due to the advancing throat cancer and the carcinoma growing behind his vocal cords.

The pigment of the skin on his throat, covering the insidious tumor, had faded out. While in the Army, he recounted to his daughter, Sammy was sent to the infirmary with repeated broken noses after repeated knock-down drag-out fights over the constant racial epithets. 17-year old entertainer that he had to use his talent and not his fists if he was going to win the battle against humiliating racial ignorance.

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It’s widely thought that John Kasich, the moderate governor of Ohio, has a good ground game in New Hampshire and is generating strong crowds.

Chris Christie, too, is throwing his weight around – although his poll numbers remain miniscule.waited until a week after the 1960 presidential election to marry Swedish actress May Britt.Best pal Frank Sinatra asked Sammy to hold off on the marriage because he was afraid of the white backlash against his other bestie John F.Her campaign thus far has showcased her greatest weaknesses.Rubio doesn’t seem inevitable anymore, following that awful debate performance on Saturday.Around this ground after Oscar’s consolation goal there was dismay but also trepidation. What incendiary mix might be sparked by embarrassment and anger?