Users are not going to easily forgive services that do not safeguard their personal information. Born in Newcastle, he has an English degree from Queen Mary, London and after working for the NHS, trained as a journalist with the Press Association.

The ODA event is a not to be missed practical nuts and bolts briefing on how not to break your business and an event we have opened to everyone.” The ODA said: “Christine works extensively in the industry, speaking at many conferences and events on the importance of data protection, security and overall data governance, as well as solutions for companies wishing to maximise the value of data within their organisations.” Simon is the editor of Global Dating Insights.

Step 1: Create trial_tracker entry in an encrypted format in a windows registry and in file.

That will help us to prevent our other members from being scammed. You may come back to your profile, we will restore it.

Afterwards we will offer you personal, individual match program.

I would like to add licensing system to application.

For example: user buys license for 1 month and after that program expires (Kinda Anti-Virus style? Problem is that application is supposed to run in systems which may or may not be connected to internet, so how to protect from date-time changes?

Thirdly, be careful if a “woman” says that all Russian men suck, because they are abusive alcoholics. If she says it, she (or whoever hiding behind her profile) is probably either trying to scam you, or is not very smart (which you don’t want).

Remember, Russian women whose pictures you see are not trying to scam you.Storing app startup and close times in encrypted file won't work as date can be changed (with program uptime of 8 hours per day, would be possible to extend license to almost 300% in ideal case - change time to app close time 1 second before launching program).Another question - is there any way to protect from software like ) EDIT: I'm currently using smart card to store licensing information and will use code virtualizer on critical functions (I know about making breakpoints on API calls and inspecting passed data - don't need to hide that data, just to ensure things go as planned) Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question.Keep your head straight, watch out for some clues and you will be able to spot the scammers. Here are some tips how to protect yourself from Russian dating scams.First of all, be alert when everything happens too soon and seems too good to be true. I mean if a 20 year-old woman who looks like a Victoria’s Secret model tells you that she is madly in love with you after 2 weeks of corresponding via e-mail, don’t get too excited.We sincerely hope that by exposing some of these cons, we can educate and inform our audience about ways to avoid such scams.