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Though leaders in the field of morality have insisted for centuries that honesty is the best policy, it's a safe bet that they may have thought twice if they'd had a chance to get a load of the following way-too-honest tinder profiles.

When it comes to online dating, trolling for shameless hook-ups, or anything in between, there's a fine line between too little and way too much information.

Except, of course, that you can buy your way into being with more people. He also plans a game component, where frequency of communications helps you “earn” more access to the prospective date, such as sending a photo after three communications.

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Here you'll have a chance to decide for yourself which of these online daters tread that line gracefully and which ones blow right past it.

It's only fair to warn you upfront that some of the quirky, creative, or just plain weird Tinder profiles you're about to see below are a little less than G-rated.

Also the worry if they are going to hypo overnight.” “It’s a life changing experience, it’s opened my eyes to what diabetes really is – I feel like I’m behind the scenes!

I go through every night time hypo and hyper with them and experience their exhaustion, frustration and hard work that goes with it.

Whether you view dating as an enticing, fun experience or there’s nothing more you’d rather run and hide from, diabetes may be one extra thing to consider (and it’s important that you do)!