Whether you want to use your webcam to stream your own TV show, vlog, or live feed of your cat, here are a few easy ways to turn your webcam into a high quality live stream.

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Once account was created successfully, open Flexi Hub and enter your login and password.

You may be wondering why is it necessary to create an account when you just want to share your webcam.

The i Cam Source Pro software supports Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.9 and later.

i Cam Source Pro Mobile supports camera-enabled i OS devices running i OS 7 or later.

Google search returned websites with questions and answers, but a proper guide was nowhere to be found.

I came across questions of two types – some wanted to gain full control over another PC webcam while others wanted to know how to stream an image from one computer to another or directly to the network.

But if you were wondering if there is a software that can share webcam with remote locations easily - there is one! You'll need to choose the subscription and create a Flexi Hub account.

Page with registration form will open in your browser – fill it in and click ‘Create Account’.

To see camera views at different times of the day, drag the slider back and forwards.

Here are her external links: Susan's Other Condo Webcam: Susan's Online Journal: Anything else you want to know, read her journal.

In a poll conducted recently 158 Flexi Hub users said that they use it to share a webcam over network among their Windows machines.