But they inadvertently debut at an opportune time, according to CAM's executive director Lisa Melandri.

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“This is a great way for the pros to give back to the sport.

We like sharing our experience and watching the faces light up.

In this exhibition, she uses her photographs, along with found domestic objects and the visual vocabulary of life on a lake to convey the hope and hopelessness that comes in waves with the rising and lowering of the lake's level and the passing years.

These intimate glimpses allow the viewer to be a voyeur and experience the mood, objects, people, and spaces inherent to this very personal place.

Gaard was drawn to the designer’s intensely personal designs – explored in pieces in the exhibition such as “Tar Coating 4,” a vegetable tanned leather jacket molded to Bidjan Saberi’s body and hand coated in tar.

“At the core of Boris’ work is a dedication to personal identity and the art of protecting it or exposing it as desired by the wearer of his garments,” Gaard says. This year’s show boasts more than 400 vendors, including a spate of local makers such as Tyger Alexis, Beard and Lady, River Town Bangles and more in the show’s Etsy sellers pavilion. Just connect your i OS device* to an external video output and focus an object with the built-in device camera, select an image from the device's photo library, make a draft on the whiteboard or load a live video stream.Do you want to distribute your exposition or share it with others? Are you a seller that wants to make a live display of your products to a huge audience?A drought is a natural disaster that isn’t sudden in its impact, as it is in a flood or an earthquake.Droughts happen slowly over time and the impacts are folded into our daily lives, subtly shaping our behaviors.It is a great program created by the APTA and an excellent way to promote and expand the game.” The tone of the clinics is light but the methods and strategy taught will take your game up a notch.