If you are having light flashes or symptoms that could indicated retina problems two different drops may be used in higher concentration and several doses.

The Western gate is only for visitors staying at the Dolomite Camp.

The gates have specific opening and closing times determined by sunrise / sunset.

Robert wants to see clearer at all distances, but particularly does not want to impact his distance vision when correcting his presbyopia (near) vision.

But some common risks are infection; inflammation; tearing of the posterior capsule of your lens; visual effects like seeing halos around lights, glare; leaking from the incision; secondary cataracts (cells growing on the new lens) or cystoid macular edema (swelling).

Then there are the abnormal changes- the skin becomes very dry without sweating and there is flushing and redness of the skin seen over the face, neck, upper chest and back. People can become very agitated and even hallucinate.

North Uist featured in the BBC TV programme Monty Halls' Great Hebridean Escape.

The community, Allensworth, belied the notion of African-American inferiority and, in so doing, generated excitement, hope and confidence. It was this atmosphere of uncertainty and discrimination that encouraged five gentlemanly looking Negro men (so described by the Delano Holograph on June 13, 1908) to work toward the creation of a race colony in California.

As soon as our race gets property in the form of real estate, of intelligence, of high Christian character, it will find that it is going to receive the recognition which it has not thus far received, said Colonel Allen Allensworth, the community’s founder. Guiding his venture were the fervor and dreams of Allen Allensworth.

Lady Anne Boat Trips offer wildlife watching cruises around the island of Ronay or to the Monach Islands. For information about where to fish on North Uist, consult the North Uist Angling Club.

: I’ve always worn glasses for astigmatism to help me see distance and started wearing multifocals a few years ago to help me see up close as well—but now things look blurry and cloudy no matter which glasses I wear.

Severe reactions to atropine are relatively rare, but if your child (young or old child) has had atropine drops, it is helpful to remember the old mnemonic: This can help guide you in seeking further care.