This upgrade scheme was discontinued as of version 10.0.

Win Zip is available in standard and professional versions.

Win Zip is a shareware file archiver and compressor for Windows, mac OS, i OS and Android developed by Win Zip Computing (formerly Nico Mak Computing).

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What could be the reason for such a restrictive measure? One reason is that organizing folders is engaging in the tiring discipline of information architecture. Just like a chess problem, it seems obvious once done, but takes considerable mental energy to figure out a clear and simple information architecture. Geeks don’t know and don’t really care how much their systems suck for other people. As soon as we have more than a handful of notions, or (beware!

And mainly, you just don’t want to do it all the time. Geeks do not realize that for most people organizing documents within an operating system next to System files and applications feels like a complicated and maybe even dangerous business. ) more than one of notions, it gets hard for most brains to build a mental model of that information architecture.

Also, it's probably safe to assume that either the files placed there count against your i Cloud quota, or if not, Apple will be sure to cut this functionality off quickly if too many people start abusing their largess.

I think the problem of folder icons not syncing has been alleviated since Dropbox hit version 1.0.

Win Zip 1.0 was released in April 1991 as a graphical user interface (GUI) front-end for PKZIP. Originally released on Compu Serve, availability of Win Zip expanded across major online services, including GEnie, Prodigy and other online services.

Earlier in January 1991 Nico Mak Computing released a GUI front-end for OS/2 Presentation Manager called PMZIP. In 1993, Win Zip announced the launch of its official support for customers on the Windows Utility Forum, serving over 100,000 members, providing updates and related information.

Apple has been working on its file system and with i OS it had almost killed the concept of folders—before reintroducing them with a peculiar restriction: only one level!

With Mountain Lion it brings its one folder level logic to OSX.

It keeps Dropbox syncing your files after your Mac is booted, even if you aren’t logged into your Mac or Mac Server.

It has been tested on a Mac Mini server running OS 10.6.5 and Dropbox 1.0.10.

Read More Apple has issued minor “Supplemental Updates” to both OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion.