He recently got married in 2011 and no longer runs or develops new seminars and products for Double Your Dating.While David De Angelo is mostly known for his e Book "Double Your Dating," he has developed several other products which include Interviews with Dating Gurus where he interviews various other dating coaches, as well as programs on advanced dating techniques and triggering sexual attraction.

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Many of the concepts David De Angelo developed turned into fairly simple and marketable phrases that are still used by pick up artists even while some of those concepts have fallen out of favor as techniques in the most current theories of dating science.

Nonetheless, as one of the first popularizers of dating science after Ross Jeffries, he remains an influential figure in the history of PUA techniques.

Most guys are just too nice and too honest to be successful in the online dating world.

They write up nice, little profiles that show they are good guys and that any woman would be safe on a date with them.

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After going out on his own, his company grew rapidly up to the point where he was employing more than 80 people in his global operation.

While his core business was in the pick up artist and seduction communities, he also engages in business and educational consulting.

Show that you appreciate the things in life that spark romance. In this profile, you want to describe your alpha male traits. Say that you feel life is too short to constantly be seeking someone else’s approval.