As one of the most preventable types of personal injuries, partner abuse causes countless devastating injuries every day, some of them fatal.Victims who are abused often endure multiple types of domestic abuse, including sexual and financial abuse.

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He brought it up the next morning and I was really embarrassed and upset with myself so I asked that we just pretend it didn't happen.

He agreed after reassuring me that he cared for me.

Domestic violence, or domestic abuse, affects the lives of more than 10% of the U. population, according to The Centers for Disease Control, with countless cases going unreported.

Defined as abuse by an intimate partner, domestic violence is against the law.

Emotional abuse goes hand-in-hand with physical abuse, and victims often suffer serious mental anguish that affects everything from self-confidence to parenting.

Abusers use many different tactics to strip their partners of independence and control their behavior and emotions.

I had fallen out of love with my ex husband long before I found the courage to file for divorce, but the divorce was still fresh.

So, although Jay and I both saw a lot of potential in each other and wanted to be exclusive, we agreed that we didn't need to rush anything. After two months of dating I could feel myself falling for him but knew I should keep it to myself.

The attorneys listed on Domestic Abuse represent clients who have suffered domestic abuse at the hands of a partner or ex-partner.