It didn’t take long – maybe the 3rd or 4th email – for someone to mention the hallowed grounds of The Glenwood Pines Restaurant on Route 89 in Ithaca, NY... read more ) has led me to try a classic – the pizza burger.

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What does Love Crosses Borders have to do with dating?

Unlike other websites about dating, Love Crosses Borders originated from a very thriving multicultural Facebook page, with dating and married interracial couples, mixed race and biracial families from all over the world.

On the left is a small, (somewhat) casual area with tables and a counter that you can order burgers from. Did two people get together and say let’s go into business together and one said, ‘I want to open a burger joint’, and the other said ‘I want to open a lounge’, and presto: POP Burger? read more 7/6/10 - Glenwood Pines Restaurant - T-Shirt Next Time...

A couple months ago, some emails started circulating amongst a group of friends from my undergraduate days that we were due for a boys weekend away to the old stomping grounds, Cornell University in Ithaca. Well, maybe not a burger, and after sampling the Madison Square Garden burger you would be right to ignore it...

It highlights and supports international, intercultural and interracial relationships.

Love is not based on race, culture, class or where you were born.

We currently do not offer the online dating site anymore.

But, of course, as the Love Crosses Borders community we will continue to try to provide support to people from all over the world seeking international friendships and interracial love.

In a society which still barely highlights international, intercultural and interracial couples, we decided to build a platform to foster growth within this community.