He said he let her believe that for awhile but he made about…For some reason, AOL still exists and recently created a brief summary of this relationship. It’s not exactly MIT, but…Van Joseph’s wife Holly Joseph is the mother of their children, Nataly and Stone.

Jealousy is stupid, it can reck relationships and break hearts. He has a game tonight right now and I cant be there, other girls are there and I am actually jealous because I know they think he's cute and I know they think he's good, he is great.

I'm not a mean person I like most people, but all the other girls that look at him and know he's taken breaks my heart. Yes, and I have to deal with the fact that there will be other girls there and he will be partying.

Practices will be on Saturday at The Edge Sports Center in Bedford and will focus on skill development in the areas of skating, passing, shooting, and puck handling.

Sunday will be game day at the Edge and will be comprised of cross-ice and small area games to emphasize fun and skill development.

There was another extremely successful weekend for the Phantoms Junior Academy as several youngsters represented the South East Region in the English Ice Hockey Association showpiece Inter-Conference Tournament.

Tom Savage’s wife Catie Savage welcomed their first child into the world on January 18 of 2017. It might be the greatest name ever since Savage itself is a great way to finish a name strong.

Dating him is hard but I will get through it and we will stay strong. I feel like a bad girlfriend because I cant make his game tonight, I'm not there for him but all these other pretty and skinny puck bunnies are. Honestly I could care less if they win or lose but he wants to win and I love him so much and I want what he wants.

Hockey players leave and play out of town and if you don't trust him you wont last. My boyfriends team is doing great, he's first line and when ever their line goes on they score. Next season he's going away, he's playing for a bigger and better team do I trust him? I'm jealous of these girls that get to watch my boyfriend play and what him win. Jealous over girls that get to watch him play thats what my world has come to.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Mc Kenna Collins was known as the best soccer player in the U. She was battling a injury that has left her sidelined out the last couple of games.