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Weddle told the court as he was sentenced that “he really didn’t know what he was thinking” at the time of the thefts.

Weddle said at the time “his whole world collapsed” and “he was stupid for awhile and I don’t know why.” District Court Judge Leo Dobrovolny said the pre-sentence investigation showed Weddle had shown little remorse, indicating “other employees have taken stuff.” Dobrovolny also indicated there was record of Weddle committing a similar offense in the past, and that the theft was “a significant financial loss to Fremont Motors.” Dobrovolny also said “probation was not appropriate because of the large amount of money involved.” Weddle’s counsel Public Defender Darin Knepper emphasized Weddle’s lack of a criminal record and indicated his client had been trying, unsuccessfully so far, to get a full time job to make restitution.

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