We LOVED reading your comments about the songs you were walking down the aisle to.Lots of you were looking for something a little different to the average, overplayed wedding songs – we hear ya!

We listed some of our favorites for every moment along the way, from getting ready to the ceremony and from the first dance to the last.

Family Name Means Big Boots to Fill And This Lady Steps Right In Her grandfather was a cowboy. Today, a celebrity in her own right, this Wayne continues to rise to stardom as a musician and most recently, an actor.

Our relationship had become rocky and I had just given birth to her half-brother.

Living in a blended family did not suit her and the myriad of issues kept growing.

) Last time DJ John from Aria Melody DJ shared one of his awesome playlists on Bridal Musings – 13 Alternatives Songs For Your Walk Down The Aisle – it got such a great reaction from you lovely lot.

(If you haven’t discovered our wedding music posts or our free playlists on Spotify yet then get to it!

He used to wake my mom up early in the morning and say, “Get up! ” Well, this one time when my mom was still a young girl, they were on his boat and my mom had brought her best friend on the trip. ” that your grandpa famously said in his films, that really came from him? that was him all the way and that’s how he woke everyone up every morning.

My grandpa came in the [next] morning, went to the bottom bunk and slapped my mom’s best friend on the butt and said, “Get up! ” My mom’s friend screamed and jumped up and said, “Mr. ” When they all realized what happened, my mom and grandpa and her friend just laughed and laughed. They’re all awesome, but my favorite quote of his is, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” It’s my favorite because it means everything to me when it comes to going for your dreams.

Here's a (relatively) short excerpt of my letter: Beautiful daughter, this letter is long overdue.

I've wanted to write you many times but I always felt there was simply too much to say and I had mixed feelings about what I even wanted to say.

A rustic country wedding calls for a playlist to match.